Our Story

faible and failure is about embracing the slowness of well made products and the process it demands. Our aim is to design pieces that stay with you for a life time, as to us longevity and transparency are key to sustainable clothing. It empowers the wearer to make her own choices.

How it all started

It's an openly kept secret that a designer's life isn't as glamorous as its reputation might give the impression of. Even though much of the bad habits in the industry have changed for the better, fashion is dominated by time pressure and strict hierarchies. In extreme examples there are 52 collections per year that need to be developed and presented. Done in the traditional way, this means finding ideas, creating moods, doing research, design, technical product development, pattern making, production, product shooting, editorials, marketing, sales one after another to then start the cycle all over again. A lot of the steps are being relocated abroad to save money in loan cost. Nowadays, communication between design and sales is often missing completely as the production cycle is stretched across the whole world. 
Not only people working in fashion, also our environment is totally overstretched as the fashion industry is said to be one of the most polluting industry in the world. It accounts for 20% of fresh water pollution according to UN environment and we didn’t even talk about carbon emissions or the amount of landfill produced everyday. This is a result of a tremendous overproduction as well as the consumers being totally oversaturated from the supply on the high street market. 
Only one year after receiving my bachelor degree my opinion changed completely. From "Being an entrepreneur? Never, way to risky!" I now see the need of change in fashion by supplying sustainable, well designed options for those interested and frustrated as much as I am.